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Window & Home Treatment

When you decide to add some aesthetics and elegance to your home, all you need to do is to contact us. Özlem Tuğrul's philosophy of business is not limited with the sales process; both before and after the sale the requirements and dreams of our clients are of great importance for us.

Your curtains and all other needs, parallel to our business mentality, are delivered just in time and as you wished. If you accidently have a problem, Özlem Tuğrul will be by you with her first-day sincerity.

Our products have a 2-year guaranty.
Curtain Patterns
How to choose the right curtain ?

One of the supplementary details of our homes are the curtains and tulles. We have many alternatives from lace to linen.

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Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most favorite curtains for they are easy-to-use and have many alternatives for every like. They are both manually and remote controlled.

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The right choice of tulles makes your home very relaxed and lively. While the linen and silk tulles are mostly prefered, the organza tulles are of great choice for...

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The specifications and resistance of the textiles both for furnishing and windows are of great importance besides their fabric and pattern. Natural fabrics are mostly preferred.

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Lounge   Curtains

The lounge is the most important part of your home. While selecting the curtains for your lounge, you should take the following factors into consideration; • how much sun light enters in
• the location of the room
• the harmony with your rugs and furniture
• the number of the windows
• the dimensions of the windows

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Living Room   Curtains

Every house has its own characteristics. The location, furniture, windows' style and above all, the likes and dislikes of the house owners.

The living room is very important cause it's not only the place where you live but also the place where you meet your friends and guests. And that's why, the models, styles, textiles, patterns...

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Bedroom   Curtains

A bedroom is the most private part of your home. You should pay as much attention as you can while planning its curtains.

Above all, the curtains must be completely closed and let no light in for a good sleep. That means, a thick textile under a romantic and thin tulle will help. The color of the furniture and objects...

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